RDI’s Coil-Fed Laser Blanking System  provides manufacturers with an opportunity to substantially increase productivity and reduce costs by combining continuous coil feeding of strip material into a high-speed, extremely accurate laser cutting system. This technology has been developed to combine the cutting capacity of today’s fiber lasers with continuous coil feeding to create a manufacturing system with many cost cutting and production advantages.

RDI’s Coil-Fed Laser Blanking System reduces overall operating costs. This system reduces the cost-per-part, accommodates a wide range of material, eliminates dies, die changeover, die maintenance and storage, and increases material saving while reducing overall labor and material handling costs. Since the laser head always cuts over an open space, flashback is eliminated on the bottom side of the part, leaving a clean, high quality edge. Additionally, RDI’s Laser Blanking System reduces installation costs and floor space requirements for both equipment and raw material.