Laser Module



Manage Material Flow

The laser module commands the material flow rate from the leveling module. This rate is determined by a combination of material consumption and the amount of material buffered in the pit.

Material X and Laser X/Y/Z Positioning

The cutting process utilizes precision servo motors on the material feed X axis, and high speed linear motors to control both the laser’s traverse across the coil in the Y axis and the motion along the X axis. CNC programs (G-Codes) command the cutting of the configured blank, automatically switching between coordinated moves of the material feed X axis with the Y axis for cutting large features, and the laser X axis with the Y axis for efficiently cutting small cutouts, resulting in very efficient cutting times.

The laser system is controlled using an industrial PC-based CNC servo motion controller with a touch screen HMI. There is both a real-time operating system for machine function control and a Windows OS for the HMI function running on the PC. The operator interface includes the following features:

  • Machine run screen for NC file, part, and system status information.
  • Run setup screen for laser module preparation.
  • System status screen detailing the state of the machine during operation.
  • Machine control screen provides manual manipulation of all system resources.
  • Alarm screen to view and clear faults, warnings, and any safety stops.
  • Configure screen to set process parameters which includes NC file run setups, machine configuration and user administration.

Parts and Scrap Flow Routing

Parts and scrap exit the laser module via the two conveyance systems integrated with the NC process. These cut entities may either drop through a variable slot opening in and ahead of the cutting zone to a conveyor below or be carried out on a conveyor at the cut elevation and downstream of the variable slot. The variable slot is also controlled by the NC process.

The explicit path that the parts and scrap take is application dependent.