Finished Part Automation

The parts and scrap flowing from the laser module needs to be managed for further processing that is application dependent. Various options exist from temporary storage and stacking to more complex downstream operations.

Drop Stacker

A Stacking system to efficiently accumulate and stack blanks for downstream processing. Powered rolls convey sheet to stack position, and pneumatic powered arms drop the sheet onto a pallet.  Both the side rails along with back stop are positioned with motors and ball screws based on sheet recipe.  The Stacking unit cooperates with an integrated lift to raise and lower pallet height.

Stacking Machine

Stacking Machine

Magnet/Pneumatic Stacking

The Stacking system is comprised of pneumatic vacuum and/or magnetic blank belt conveyors to receive prime and/or reject blanks from the laser area and deposit them on pallets.  Utilizing both pneumatic and magnetic belting enables both ferrous and non-ferrous blanks to be processed.  System can be configured with one or two stations based on output requirements and part geometry.


6 axis robot(s) employed to pick prime and/or reject blanks from the laser area and deposit them on the pallet stacker. Based on the specific part design and laser speed, prime part, scrap or offal requirements will be handled with robotic removal or dropped via trap door.  The robot(s) will utilize vacuum manipulators for part or scrap removal.