Fiber Laser

The IPG Photonics® fiber laser source is a solid state laser in which the cutting beam is generated by a diode pumped fiber coupled to an active optical fiber. Fiber lasers are extremely efficient and virtually maintenance free. The wavelength, power, beam quality and spot size are some of the parameters that determine the cutting dynamics. Pulsed lasers are used for fine cutting of thin metals and CW lasers are used for cutting wide range of material thickness.

Ytterbium fiber lasers operating at the 1070 nm wavelength are perfect for laser cutting. The operating wavelength, multi-kilowatt power, good beam quality, wide operating power range, power stability, and small spot size are some of the qualities the fiber lasers offer for most cutting applications. Fiber lasers have wide dynamic operating power range while the beam focus and its position remain constant, even when the laser power is changed, allowing consistent processing results every time. A wide range of spot sizes can be achieved by changing the optics configuration. These features enable the end user to choose an appropriate power density for cutting various materials and wall thickness.

The high mode quality and small spot size of the fiber laser with optimized pulses facilitate cutting of intricate features in thin material. This pulsed mode-cutting results in minimal slag and HAZ, which results in a high quality, cut edge. High power density associated with small spot sizes of the fiber laser also translates into faster cutting with superior edge quality.