Coil Loading Station

Ensuring the laser blanking line operates at high efficiency, RDI provides a number of coil storage and loading methods for queuing and preparing for the next production run.

Coil Loading Saddle

The stationary loading station is designed to lift the coil to the proper loading height for the uncoiler mandrel. Coils are loaded via overhead crane or forklift onto the V-shaped saddle.

Coil Loading Saddle

Coil Loading Saddle

Coil Cars

The loading car is designed to traverse to the uncoiler and provide full lift to the mandrel surface across the full range of O.D. coils while eliminating the need for risers.

Coil Storage

Storage of multiple coils can be achieved by either a 4 arm turnstile or floor mounted coil queuing stations that work with a coil loading car.