The laser line control consists largely of standard modular systems with highly configurable software and hardware to easily accommodate application-specific adaptations. This allows legacy systems to benefit from periodic software releases.

PC-based standard control systems allow for robust and flexible network communications, SQL databases, file systems for handling NC tile code and user manuals/videos.

All modules communicate via Ethernet structure.

High-level functions built into a large touch screen results in ease of operation with very few physical buttons and indicators.

Automation Controls

Automation Controls



SigmaNEST part nesting software is used to generate CNC(G-Code) programs of the configured blanks for the laser module. Part nesting is performed offline on a PC based computer (not included).  The software allows parts to be nested together on the coil to maximize material utilization while minimizing part cycle times and allowing efficient separation of parts from scrap. One seat of the base software package is included with the following features:


HMI Screen

  • Part nesting in coil format
  • Coil calculator
  • Off sheet nozzle handling
  • Pre-programmed scrap cutting
  • Built in 2D CAD system
  • File conversion and importing
  • Part cost estimating/reporting
  • Manual nesting; and automatic rectangular and true shape nesting
  • Common line tool path generation
  • Job tracking and scheduling
  • Inventory control
  • Advanced laser post processor which automatically handles the hand-off between X and XX axis



The production API interface is based on XML for the interchange of commands and data delivered via Ethernet TCP network connection. This allows pushing scheduled  runs to the line and receiving part process status feedback.

Runs may also be defined locally at the line controller. Run execution may be initiated by either a remote production link or locally at the line controller.

The line controller shows any critical process status of all line modules and allows fundamental line functions such as alarm clearing and readying for a run. Production data, such as process cycle time and quantities of passing, suspect, and failed parts, inform the operator as well.

Laser Blanking Controls

Laser Blanking Controls