Contract Blanking

RDI Laser Blanking Systems offers contract laser blanking on our patented coil-fed laser blanking production line. The line can accommodate coils up to 78 inches (2m) wide, and up to 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) thick. Blank production is scalable to meet your needs, whether you require a small part run to make up for lost production on a down machine, or a large run of thousands of parts.

RDI Laser Blanking offers low cost contract blanking due to:

  • Coil-Fed – eliminates the need to create individual sheets which reduces costs, storage and inventory. A single coil can replace hundreds of sheets and pallets significantly reducing space requirements and cost.
  • No dies required – short, medium or long runs without dies can lower your cost per part and eliminate the need for die storage and die maintenance.

Contact us to contract blank your parts directly from coil.

Contract Blanking Inquiry

Request a quote for contract blanking
  • Detail information

  • For Quantity, if the exact quantity is not known, a rough estimate of parts require will help our sales team determine how much material is required and how many pallets are needed.
  • For Grain/Orientation, if your part requires a specific material grain orientation (the part must be rotated a certain direction on the coil when cut), please note that here. Often, if a grain orientation is not required, a part may be more tightly nested by allowing the part to be rotated, which can lead to lower scrap and possibly a lower cost per part.
  • For Material, a specific material name is often not necessary, and something like “12 ga Mild Steel” will work here, but if the material is potentially very high strength or very low strength, it is worth mentioning. Typically the thickness is most important for determining the cutting speed for the material, and the exact alloy composition can be substituted for something like “mild steel”, “stainless steel”, “aluminum”, etc.
  • Coil Width allows you to denote if you have already sourced a coil width the parts should be cut on. If you leave this blank, RDI Sales Engineers will nest on a coil size determined to be optimal by them.
  • Upload your drawing file.
  • Special notes allows you to make any additional comments on your request. An example of this would be if you wanted to restrict pallets of stacked blanks to a certain height or weight per pallet, or if the part needed a specific special handling.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.